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"A Glimpse Back In Time"

2020 Flower Show
Presented by the Garden Club of Indian River County

Our Flower Show, “A Glimpse Back In Time” Flower Shows From the Past, is meant to highlight the Garden Club of Indian River County’s early history and past Flower Shows. We grew from just a small membership of approximately 28 women called Vero Beach Garden Club in 1928 to what is now the Garden Club of Indian River County, Inc., with a membership consisting of 9 circles (Allamanda, Bougainvillea, Carissa, Hibiscus, Jasmine, Poinsettia, Rose, Seagrape, and Sunflower) and a total membership of approximately 242 men and women.

Shortly after the Vero Beach Garden Club started meeting, there were several small Garden Clubs that formed in the area. In 1933 Garden Club of Indian River County was Federated with Florida. We organized into 5 Circles in 1950 which were Allamanda, Amaryllis, Bougainvillea, Hibiscus, and Poinsettia. We continued to grow with a total of 13 circles throughout the years and a high membership of approximately 391.

The show is also a means to showcase the artistic and creative talents of our Club's Designers and the passion of our Horticultural Growers. By attending this show you will hopefully get a feel of the History of the Garden Club of Indian River County and the Flower Shows for which we are known throughout the District - Rather than try to describe it in words, we will let the Flower Show speak for itself. We do hope you will come away refreshed, inspired and informed.

In a way, this show is our gift to the community that we love. We just celebrated our 90th Anniversary last year and the City of Vero Beach its 100th Anniversary. We hope you will enjoy “A Glimpse Back In Time” Flower Shows from the Past, nine decades of Flower Shows! 

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